Make no mistake, food IS love.  Growing up in an Italian inspired home, nothing was more comforting than a piping hot bowl of pasta.  And now I am happiest when cooking copious amounts of food for family and friends.  Always health conscious, my creations tend to include loads of fresh vegetables and locally sourced pasture raised meats.  However, as we all evolved, more and more of my friends and family were unable to eat traditional wheat-based dishes.  Some discovered they had celiac disease, others a gluten intolerance, some chose a paleo style of eating and even more just “felt better” when they didn’t eat any grains at all.  

In order to keep everyone safe, healthy and satisfied it became clear I would have to craft my own pasta that would be gluten AND grain free.  After many experiments, which my children graciously consumed and gently critiqued, I have arrived at a truly authentic artisan pasta that even my Nana would have been proud to call her own!  But best of all it is healthy and delicious.

Now everyone can enjoy the chewy, satisfying experience of fresh pasta without the troubling implications of gluten or grain.  It freezes easily, cooks up quickly and reheats beautifully.  No rice, no corn, no grain of any kind, EHSTO pasta is naturally gluten free and is produced in a GLUTEN FREE facility to ensure there is no risk of contamination.  Pasta night is back!

Why Gluten & Grain Free?

EHSTO! Everyone Has Something To Offer!After walking on this earth for many years, traveling around the world, teaching high school, giving birth and raising two children, I can come to no other conclusion.  Not all of us can do everything well, but all of us can do at least one thing really well, and this is our unique gift to the universe.  EHSTO is certainly about my gift for creating healthy, delicious food that everyone can enjoy.  But more importantly it is about inspiring everyone to consider what special gift they have to offer.  What makes your heart sing?  What unique gift(s), no matter how humble can you bring forth to heal yourself and to heal the world?  Join me in creating a positive future where everyone has something to offer!  

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Whether you're gluten intolerant, or simply want to eat healthier, consider the following information and resources for a gluten free lifestyle and try replacing grain products with alternatives like those from EHSTO! 

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